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BioStar Treats vs. Junk Food Treats: One Canine’s Take

There are no junk food treats at our house: no Milk-Bones, no Beggin’ Strips, no Pup-Peroni, no Old Mother Hubbard, not even delectable morsels of frankfurters (no self-respecting canine would say hot dogs).   I have eaten junk food treats when I go to the bank with my human, even at the drive-through window. I give the bank teller one of my trademark Aussie smiles, and she slips me a few milk bones.   I also get junk food treats when we go to Tractor Supply and other feed stores. Those store clerks are suckers for my charm. Even when we’re visiting barns, the resident canine will undoubtedly indicate where the goodies are, and how to get the humans to give us some.

Unfortunately, our human is a voracious label reader. It’s kind of embarrassing when I’m standing next to her at the feed store and she puts her glasses on, peers down at the label and exclaims, “How can they put this stuff in there?” If I were not at the end of a leash I’d head for an aisle far away from the Label Nazi.

We do get treats of course. One cannot underestimate the power and influence of treats on food-driven canines, or our sheer devotion to the smell of treats in a pocket. Crockett is the world’s worst offender; he gives the human these dewy wolf eyes, all his energy focused on her, and of course, how can she resist that?

BioStar Treats (Dog Star Liver Training)The treats we get daily are BioStar’s Dog Star Liver Treats. You are probably not surprised at this. But let me just say there are some very good reasons why these are better than junk food treats.


  1. First of all, they are made with real food: Argentinian beef liver, coconut meal, organic flax seeds, organic pumpkin meal, and organic coconut oil. There are no grains or additives like molasses or preservatives or natural and artificial flavorings. The foods in Dog Star Liver Treats are good for our coat, good for our GI tract, and provide the important protein sources for muscle. This of course means you can feed plenty of them and feel good about it.
  1. BioStar treats are not cooked like most dog treats. Heat destroys many beneficial nutrients. BioStar treats are dehydrated, thus maintaining their status as raw food.
  1. BioStar treats taste great! Even discerning, persnickety canine palates like that of Yoda the Rescue Terrier love them.
  1. These treats are easy for the human to carry in his or her pocket. I especially like that feature. As we Australian Shepherds say: “Humans can never say ‘Good Dog’ often enough, especially when accompanied by a treat.”

BioStar treatsRemember, treats aren’t just for training. They can provide added nutritional benefits if they are made with real food. Take it from me—as much as I love a junk food treat, my health depends on healthy food and healthy treats.

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