Team BioStar Welcomes New Rider Annelise Klepper

Team BioStar welcomes Annelise Klepper, our newest – and youngest –  member!

Annelise Klepper

“I’m Annie Klepper, I’m a thirteen year-old FEI Ponies rider from Ohio. My pony’s name is Gigi. She is a fourteen year old German Riding Pony. We’ve been together for almost two years now.

Two years ago, I attended my first year of the Winter Intensive Training program with Lendon Gray. Through the WIT program, I gained many exciting opportunities and learned so much. In fact, I learned about Biostar in a WIT lecture. That was when I was inspired to start my pony on a more whole food based diet with Biostar. Doing so, my pony had more energy, was working harder, and overall looked so much happier and healthier. The change was like night and day.

During that winter, I competed in my first CDIs in the FEI Pony Division and I was third in my division at the Florida International Youth Championship. This was so exciting, especially given the fact that I live in such a rural area in Ohio; it’s hard finding dressage opportunities. This past season was my first taste of big competition. These past couple years in the dressage world were amazing, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me in this wonderful sport.

Thank you, Biostar, for being with me on this journey!”

 In addition to riding, Annelise Klepper also has her own riding apparel clothing line.
Welcome, Annie!

Team BioStar is a select group of accomplished competitive riders who have experienced the difference of an equine whole food diet. These sponsored riders all use at least one BioStar supplement for their horses, so their horses stay healthy, perform at top levels, and reach their highest potential in competition. We could not be more proud of our riders!

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