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Team BioStar Welcomes New Rider Juri Ito

Team BioStar welcomes Juri Ito!Juri Ito BioStar Sponsored Rider

Juri Ito was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, where she started riding at age of 6 at privately owned stable called Palomino Pony Club in Hamaoka, Japan. Juri rode ponies in the Jumper division competing against many adults and horses. Juri and her best friend Chiharu became founders of the Pony Jumper division in Japan. After moving to the United States, Juri continued her passion for riding. Juri then experienced Hunters, Equitation, Jumpers, Hunter Paces, Eventing, Dressage, and Fox Hunting. Now Juri competes in the Grand Prix riding for her native country of Japan.

Juri’s Horse:
“I never imagined having a horse like Woody, but as luck would have it Woody and I found one another. It is because of Woody and the generous help I received from top professionals, that I have been able to seize opportunities as a young professional that before I had only dreamt about.

Woody is “king” of both my barn and my heart, but he is not without fault. He gets nervous easily and worries often. A simple change in his routine, like moving barns or traveling to and from shows directly effects his health. Like many horses under stress, his health overall declines and effects his performance. Ulcers and anhidrosis (the inability to sweat) are often side effects of stress for him. Woody can also feel sluggish, unmotivated, lethargic, and have bouts of diarrhea. Like any horse lover and as Woody’s rider, I felt the need to find a solution for him. Thankfully I found Tigger and BioStar US through a referral, equine professional, Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, LMT.

Travel and competitions or change can stress out any horse. I attribute Woody’s current health, muscle mass, performance and improved health to BioStar! Woody and I are both so grateful to be sponsored by this wonderful company.”

Top Accomplishments
Juri Ito is the owner and head trainer of Shangri-La Stables in Dallas, PA. Juri focuses on competing, training young horses, and training her clients. Juri prides herself in her experience and education in equine nutrition to provide individual programs for horses in her care. In August 2017, Juri was asked to ride for Japan with her horse Bill Clinton, aka “Woody.”

Recently, Woody and Juri placed 12th in $30,000 Princeton Grand Prix, 2017 and 7th in the Swan Lake Open Welcome.

Favorite BioStar Products:

TheraCalm EQ
Thera Calm EQ by BioStar US“This is one of the products of many offered from BioStar that results prove themselves. I was amazed at the difference I saw in my horse just in the first few days of having him on this product. The evidence was clear when we went to competition, that’s when I saw the power of this product. My horse gets very anxious, nervous, and bored away from home. He often digs all day kicking and rearing in his stall. This product has changed his behavior completely! He is calmer and composed in his stall now and is able to focus in his classes! He did not have any GI issues while he was away from home, which is a huge accomplishment in it self. The quality, ingredients, and result speaks for itself and thank you BioStar US for another wonderful product!”

Quantum EQ:
Quantum EQ | BioStar US“My horse suffered from anhidrosis this winter in Florida and also when he returned home. He was lethargic, not sweating, and unmotivated to do anything. I tried several products from brands without having any results, before I found Quantum EQ. This has changed my horse within few days of being on the supplement. His sweating is back to normal, my horse is very motivated to work and perform, and he is supple with stamina. During competition I was amazed at how much stamina he had after competing the day before! He was fresh and ready to go the next day! Thank you BioStar US!!!”


Thank you, Juri Ito, and welcome!


*8/17/18 Update: This post has been edited by the author from it’s original version posted on 8/1/18

Team BioStar is a select group of accomplished competitive riders who have experienced the difference of an equine whole food diet. These sponsored riders all use at least one BioStar supplement for their horses, so their horses stay healthy, perform at top levels, and reach their highest potential in competition. We could not be more proud of our riders!

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