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Rush, the Oldest US OTTB, and BioStar

Rush (race name: Dead Solid Perfect, pet name: Goose), passed away on November 8, 2022 and is believed to have been the oldest living OTTB in the U.S. at 39 years and 188 days. Bridget Eukers, Rush’s owner and a BioStar customer since 2015, shares the story of her truly exceptional Thoroughbred. Find out what supplements helped Rush live so long!


Rush, owned by Bridget Eukers | BioStar USI am sure that the wonderful nutrition provided by BioStar products (along with guidance from Tigger via her book and a 2019 consult) made a significant contribution not only to his longevity, but to his ability to maintain his condition and athleticism all of this time.

He still moved well and easily, walked cavaletti, handwalked on the hill, and laid down and got up comfortably (although being unable to rise was his ultimate undoing, mainly due to the positioning and challenging conditions in his barn, rather than a lack of fitness).

I wanted to say a special thank you to Tigger and the team for providing products that allowed me to support Rush’s health in such a meaningful way, all through his golden years. You all were a part of something special and I am incredibly grateful that BioStar was here to be part of our journey!”

~ Bridget Eukers

All of us at BioStar are moved and inspired by Rush’s story. This is why we do what we do. Thank you, Bridget, for sharing Rush’s story and photos!


Rush’s recent supplements included:

Optimum Bars and Optimum Senior JS 2.0: For daily wellness and joint support.

Locomotion: For muscle-building support.

Rebound: The clay assisted in mitigating the effects of mold in our barn, the Bio-4tein® worked synergistically with Locomotion for muscle building, and the Hawthorne Berry benefited his heart and circulation. 

Zen-Max: Initially used to help deal with Fourth of July fireworks. The first year or two, I used a whole tube. The next year, I gave half a tube. The next year I didn’t need it because he had fireworks all figured out. I continued to keep it around because it also helped with magnesium and healthy manure.

Aller-X: For its powerful antioxidant/inflammatory response balance.

Colostrum-38 EQ: For when special healing support was needed (as in a bout of cellulitis).

Probiotics: Rush benefited from the support of both types of probiotic, as there was mold in his barn that could play havoc with his digestion.

Sunn-E 1000: For cognitive function.

Alixir EQ: Used in the summer, as needed, before it became apparent that he needed the more consistent help of the Star-Lixir. I also used it on super-cold winter days to make sure he was getting the electrolyte support he needed and encourage cold-weather drinking.

Star-Lixir EQ: The heat bothered Rush more as he aged, especially after a minor head trauma this past summer. Star-Lixir helped keep him comfortable, along with Alixir.


For more about Rush, his full story with Bridget Eukers
can be found at the Bloodhorse.

Young Rush, owned by Bridget Eukers | BioStar US

Young Rush


Rush, owned by Bridget Eukers | BioStar US

Rush in 2020


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