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The World According to Kemosabe by Tigger Montague | BioStar US

Now Available: The World According to Kemosabe

~ by Kemosabe It's official: I am now a book author with the release of my ...
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Kemosabe Living with Vegetarians - BioStar US

Living With Vegetarians

~ by Kemosabe The humans I live with are vegetarians.  This means there are no meaningful ...
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The Puppy Cometh by BioStar US

The Puppy Cometh

By Kemosabe ~ Well, my human did it again and brought another puppy into the pack.  ...
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Gold Star K9 - Camelina Oil for dogs by BioStar US

Camelina Oil: Not Just for Horses Anymore

by Kemosabe - It was Buckaroo who discovered the wonders of camelina oil for canines.   Like ...
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Like a Puppy Again! Sonny’s Adventures with Juvenate K9

Sonny is a quirky, complex, and loyal 15-year-old Coton de Tulear who grew up alongside Emily, ...
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BioStar US Kemosabe gets buff with sea kelp

Kemosabe Gets Buff…with Organic Seaweed

This past autumn, I was put on a diet after a visit to the vet indicated ...
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The Art of Dog Massage: Kemosabe Lets Go in Wellington

The French Connection: Kemosabe Lets Go in Wellington

Here I am back in Wellington, Florida for another winter equestrian circuit season.  Crockett is here ...
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Healthy Critters Radio: Homemade Dog Food, Transitioning your Horse's Diet

Healthy Critters Radio: Homemade Dog Food, Transitioning Your Horse’s Diet

Healthy Critters Radio Episode 28 is now available on the Horse Radio Network, this episode includes: ...
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Buckaroo’s Stew: Warming Winter Foods Done Right

Kemosabe here. I’m supposed to write about warming winter foods for dogs, but how can I ...
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BioStar's Kemosabe shares his Christmas stew for dogs

Food for the Holidays: Kemosabe’s Christmas Stew

It's that time of year when we canines start smelling all the yummy aromas coming out ...
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Kemosabe and Lassi

Lassi (Not Lassie) to the Rescue: The Delicious Probiotic

Okay, so I know that Lassie is some famous collie dog that the humans get all ...
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Kemosabe The Spy under the Table

Kemosabe: The Spy Under the Table

Call me Kemosabe Bond, Kemosabe Bourne—even Sherlock Kemosabe … I am a spy.  Every week I ...
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What Do You Mean I Have to Go on a Diet?

by Kemosabe, Dog on a Diet I went to the vet last week because Crockett stubbed ...
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Stealing BioStar: Kemosabe Confesses

by Kemosabe Well, she caught me in the act. I had cleverly removed the lid from ...
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Buckaroo Beat the Heat

Buckaroo’s Tips on How to Beat the Summer Heat

I am a heavy-coated Aussie, which makes summer a bit more challenging for me than my ...
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BioStar dog star liver treats

BioStar Treats vs. Junk Food Treats: One Canine’s Take

There are no junk food treats at our house: no Milk-Bones, no Beggin’ Strips, no Pup-Peroni, ...
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kemosabe keeping it clean

Kemosabe Keeps It Clean (with Safe Household Cleaners)

Okay, so I like to swim in ponds and creeks and I like to roll in ...
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Kemosabe raw bison

Kemosabe: Bison Meat for Breakfast

As a canine living with a whole food nutritionist, I'm fortunate to get a variety of ...
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