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From Kemosabe to Wookie, the BioStar team includes much more than two-legged humans! Our dogs share their stories and experiences with BioStar supplements and health.

Travels with Dogs

Travels with Dogs

On a recent roadtrip, Lizzy sent us notes on what helped her dog Bravo travel like a champ! New water, ...
Julia in the kitchen with dogs | BioStar US

Julia in My Kitchen with Dogs

My mother used to watch reruns of Julia Child’s The French Chef on PBS from a little black-and-white television in ...
Frittata Bravo recipe with Lizzy Meyer | BioStar US

Frittata Bravo: Treats for High Energy Dogs

Here is a recipe for high-fat, high-protein, healthy treats for dogs who are very active or need to gain weight ...
Puppy Chronicles: Surviving the Velociraptor | BioStar US

The Puppy Chronicles: House Training, Toys, and Surviving the Velociraptor

God grant me the serenity to accept that I buy my puppy too many toys, courage to buy fewer toys, ...
Lizzy's Wisdom: Recommended Toys for Puppies

Lizzy’s Wisdom: Recommended Toys for Puppies

The food, treats and puppy toys that I give my dogs get an equal amount of research regarding sourcing, quality ...
Buckaroo in the snow | BioStar US

Buckaroo’s holiday behavior tips for horses, humans, and dogs

My name is Buckaroo, a nine-year-old Australian Shepherd and connoisseur of foods, treats, and my human’s peanut butter jar. I’m ...
Meet the Dogs of BioStar

Meet the Dogs of BioStar! (Part 2)

Here at BioStar, we love dogs! Because we loved learning more about some of our riders’ canine companions in our ...
Dogs of BioStar | BioStar US

Meet the Dogs of BioStar! (Part 1)

Here at BioStar, we love dogs! They are our constant companions, confidants, and small shadows who love to keep us ...
Things you can learn from Puppies by BioStar US

Five Things You Can Learn from Puppies

NOTES FROM PUPPY-PALOOZA LAND! Currently I have a litter of 6 Australian Shepherd puppies that are 7 weeks old. This ...
Kemosabes tips for Senior Dogs | BioStar US

Kemosabe’s 7 Senior Dog Care Tips

BioStar's highest ranking Aussie, Kemosabe, shares his top 7 senior dog care tips: I reached the grand age of 13 ...
five aussie pack by the fireplace

Buckaroo’s Guide to Holiday Dining for Dogs

Aussie Tribe member Buckaroo educates us on the best holiday foods for dogs: We are quickly approaching my favorite time ...

Buckaroo’s Healthy Weight Journey

My name is Buckaroo and I have a weight problem, which I call the “Battle of the Bulge.” My weight ...