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Success Stories


Sometimes our customers see such amazing results from BioStar supplements, they send us their stories and photos.  The following articles are such stories.

Do you have an animal who has benefited from BioStar?  Send us your success stories at

Abby - BioStar US Success with Colostrum

Success Story: Abby

 - by Susan Conner My one-year-old beagle, Abby was diagnosed in January with Beagle Pain Syndrome, which is a genetic ...
BioStar US - Jen Fritz and DFF Gromit for Circuvate EQ

Success Story: DFF Gromit and Circuvate EQ

by Jen Fritz When my upper level event horse was diagnosed with arthritis in his knees, I knew exactly who ...
Bolero success story with BioStar comparison of before and after

Success Story: Bolero

"I switched to Biostar due to my horse being diagnosed with Laminitis in May, 2016. He has always been a ...

Like a Puppy Again! Sonny’s Adventures with Juvenate K9

Sonny is a quirky, complex, and loyal 15-year-old Coton de Tulear who grew up alongside Emily, BioStar’s Canine Brand Ambassador ...
Janie Ober Success Story with a Whole Food Diet

Success Story: 90 Days on a Whole Food Diet, by Janie Ober

-- by Janie Ober -- I adopted this horse in 2016 after seeing him one time in a western saddle; ...
Hillary Jean and Thera Calm EQ for BioStar US

Success Story: Hillary Jean and the Thera Calm EQ Difference

Veteran rider and Colorado resident Hillary Jean writes with news on how BioStar's Thera Calm EQ helped her horse settle into ...
Finn - Lizzy Meyer success story

Success Story: Lizzy Meyer & Finn

by Lizzy Meyer, Veterinary Technician and Holistic Animal Care Educator Vets believed that Finn, my seven-year-old Border Collie/Swiss Mountain Dog, ...
Warhorse to the Rescue

Success Story: Warhorse to the Rescue

by Lynn Windsor, BioStar Customer Support Specialist Recently, my daughters' landlord made a surprise visit to their apartment before they ...
BioStar Success - Ella and Lucy Pingree

Success Story: Ella and Thera Calm

Horse owner and dressage rider Lucy Pingree shares the story of her horse Ella's success with BioStar's Thera Calm EQ! ...
Allie Update success story BioStar

Success Story Update: Allie’s Insulin Resistance

by Anne Eller I just wanted to give you an update with Allie, diagnosed with insulin resistance back in January, 2015.  ...
Smarty Success Story

Success Story: Smarty’s Hives

by Patty Davis About 3 weeks ago, I ordered some Colostrum EQ from BioStar, hoping upon hope that this might ...
Patriot Meg Daly

Success Story: Patriot’s Journey

by Meg Daly Patriot is a 15-year-old QH Paint who hadn’t become an easy keeper until the last 2-3 years ...
Success Story: Anna Eller and Allie

Success Story: Anna Eller and Allie

[Thanks to Anna Eller for Allie's story...] Allie is a 13-year-old shire appendix quarter horse cross mare.  She is my ...
Allison Kavey & her horses: a BioStar success story

Success Story: Allison Kavey

New York dressage rider Allison Kavey tells the story of how a BioStar diet has affected her horses in 2015: ...
Degenerative Myelopathy: Baily's Fight

Success Story: Baily’s Fight

A Healthy Pooch and Perfect Poop  ~ by Baily It may not be something that anyone decides to have an ...
Whole Food Success Story: Morgan Caplane

Success Story: Morgan Caplane

Morgan Caplane and her 6 year old mare, All Shenanigans, had an amazing 2014 season.  Morgan and this 2008 Chesapeake ...
Joint Supplement Success Story: Elyse Savaki

Success Story: Elyse Savaki

Tigger- You've told me in the past about your experiences with the joint supplement Flex-Well and your Grand Prix horse, ...
Hip Dysplasia Success Story: Jeni Steward

Success Story: Jeni Steward

Thank you Tigger...By the way, I love the pictures on the site of your dogs. I have three Australian shepherds ...

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