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Sometimes our customers see such amazing results from BioStar supplements, they send us their stories and photos.  The following articles are such stories.

Do you have an animal who has benefited from BioStar?  Send us your success stories at

Success Story Courtney Phibbs Boyd | BioStar US

Success Story: Whole Food Success for USEF National Jumper Champion

For Courtney Phibbs Boyd, professional rider and 3 time United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Jumper Champion, BioStar US was ...
Kelly Soleau-Millar success story with whole food supplements | BioStar US

Success Story: Kelly Soleau-Millar finds Performance Success with Whole Food

When Kelly Soleau-Millar’s top horse at the time was battling persistent hind gut ulcers and no medication seemed to work, ...
Success Story | BioStar US

Success Story: Traumera and Colostrum-38 K9

Chris from Florida shares her experience with Traumera and Colostrum-38 K9 and how she found relief for her bull terrier's ...
Hedwig success with Trinity K9

Success Story: Hedwig’s Movement Improves with Trinity K9

Courtesy of Team BioStar sponsored rider Allison Kavey, BioStar welcomes canine radio star Hedwig the Feisty Pomeranian! Hedwig is here ...
Success Story: George and Trinity K9 | BioStar US

Success Story: Charlotte Byrd, George & Trinity K9

~ BioStar customer Charlotte Byrd shares her adventures with Trinity K9 and her dog George... Dog Related PSA ahead... I ...
Katrina Oosting and Poldi 2018

Success Story: Poldi and the Whole Food Diet

By Katrina Oosting Poldi is a Bayerisches (Bavarian) Warmblood who I imported from Spain as a 6 year old stallion ...
Success Story Chester and Olivia | BioStar US

Success Story: Olivia Turcott and Chester

Dressage rider Olivia Turcott writes in about her experience with BioStar supplements and Chester, a Rhinelander Warmblood gelding who needed ...
BioStar US and Impulsion EQ with Shilajit

Success Story: Shannon Peters and Impulsion EQ

National Dressage champion Shannon Peters shares her experience with Impulsion EQ and how it can help hoof health: "This horse ...
Abby - BioStar US Success with Colostrum

Success Story: Abby, Beagle Pain Syndrome and Colostrum-38

Susan Conner writes to us about how Colostrum-38 helped Abby, a dog struggling with Beagle Pain Syndrome My one-year-old beagle ...

Like a Puppy Again! Sonny’s Adventures with Juvenate K9

Sonny is a quirky, complex, and loyal 15-year-old Coton de Tulear who grew up alongside Emily, BioStar’s Canine Brand Ambassador ...
Janie Ober Success Story with a Whole Food Diet

Success Story: 90 Days on a Whole Food Diet, by Janie Ober

-- by Janie Ober -- I adopted this horse in 2016 after seeing him one time in a western saddle; ...
Whole Food Success Story: Lauren Sammis & Sagacious

Success Story: Lauren Sammis & Sagacious

The meteoric rise of Lauren Sammis and the dutch gelding Sagacious (owned by Al Guden and Hyperion Farm) from training level ...